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Scrapbooking for beginners 1 & 2

Gloria Thornton.

This class will be divided into two small groups, one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday, once per month. The class will show you how to enhance your photos with bought and found objects, and how to write stories to go with your photos so that future generations will know their history and yours from scrapbook/s.

Prior knowledge/experience: None required.
Materials required: Photos, ruler, straight scissors.
Cost: First session $ 25, then $ 5- 10 each class after that.

Group one- First Tuesday of the Month.

Venue : 112 Bridle Rd Morwell
Day:      Tuesday ( monthly )
Time:     10:00- 12.30 pm
Maximum class size: 3
Start:      3rd March 2020. End TBC

Group Two - Third Thursday of the Month

Venue:  112 Bridle Rd Morwell.
Day:     Thursday ( monthly )
Time :   10:00 - 12.30 pm.
Maximum class   size : 3
Start :   19th March 2020.    End Date: TBC