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Australian History

Jillian Caroll (Semester 1)

Contemporary political and economic history in Australia- 1983 till now.

Students will explore with Jillian how Australia transitioned from the social liberal political frame work of the 1970s to the neoliberal frame work of the 80s onwards, and how this has become the ruling discourse dominating the thinking of both major parties and all government departments. Fortnightly sessions will integrate case studies based on the lived experiences of participants in this course.

Kim McDuffie (Semester 2)   Aboriginal History.

These fortnightly sessions with Kim will look at different times in the history of the first Australians, both before and after contact with Europeans, Every effort will be made to include a range of guest speakers, and multi- media approach will also be adopted. Class discussion will be encouraged following an evidence based inquiry method.

Prior Knowledge/ experience: None required.
N.B It may be helpful for participants to bring writing materials to class

There will be a break between Semester 1(last session 26th of June) and Semester 2
(first session 10th July)

Venue:      Band Hall -   Corner of Chapel and Elgin St

Day :        2nd and 4th Wednesday 

Time:       10.00 am- 12.00 noon

Starts:      February 27- 2019

Finishes:  November 27th - 2019