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Book discussion group


Each member chooses three books they would like to read and over the course of the year, we hope that each of us receives one of our choices. The books are varied, and everyone enjoys the many interesting and lively discussions during the year.

Members receive a copy of the book of the month and notes to read. At each meeting the book of last month is discussed, and the members receive a copy of the next month's book. The titles of these books have been chosen by members of the class of the previous year.
The books and discussion notes are supplied by the CAE from a list submitted by the group.

N.B.  The Centre for Adult Education (CAE) supplies the books we read so there is quite a substantial cost to joining this book group.

Maximum class sizes: 15

Note different date for December meeting: i.e. the second Monday

Book group participants need to bring : Last month's book and notes, and their reading glasses!!!

                Annie - Monday                                             Olivia - Wednesday

Venue:   Airlie Bank  - Room 3                                               Venue:  Airlie Bank - Room 3                                                        
Day:       3rd Monday of the month.                                        Day :    1st Wednesday of the month.
Time:     1.30- 3.00 pm                                                             Time:    1.30 - 3.00 pm
Starts:    February 18th - 2019                                                Starts:   February 6th - 2019
Finishes: December 9th - 2019                                               Finishes : December 4th - 2019