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About Latrobe Valley U3A

Latrobe Valley U3A is an incorporated Organisation that provides low-cost educational opportunities for its members. Membership is restricted to those in active retirement . There are no other formal requirements and no examinations or awards

How does U3A Operate?

U3A is run by retired people for retired people. A general committee of management is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting each February. All tutors and other leaders are volunteers and are generally drawn from the membership. Members are encouraged to become active participants in the courses they chose.

What does U3A offer?

In 2020  Latrobe Valley U3A plans to offer long and short courses and activities in most weeks from March to November. Additional courses to those listed in the prospectus will be advertised throughout the year in our Newsletter, by Email , on the Website and notice board. All courses should provide a sound theoretical foundation in the subject, including those with a practical orientation


The yearly membership subscription is determined by the Committee and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. Payment of your subscription by March of each year ensures that you will continue to receive your newsletter and able to attend classes of your choice, except for the payment of any special levies or material costs applicable to your particular course. It has been decided the subscription for 2019  is $60 per member.$36 for new members who join after July 1st.

Pro-rata fees are applicable for new members joining after June 30th. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer reciprocal membership for members of other U3A organisations.


Membership entitles a member to receive four newsletters during the year. The newsletter  is emailed to members, but hard copies are available at U3A house. Mail delivery can be arranged for a $8.00 annual charge. The newsletter is published four times per year: February, May, August and October. The February issue gives the appropriate notices required for the Annual General Meeting which is held in the month of February.

Name Badges

When the yearly subscription is paid, the member will be issued with a slip-in name tag. The tag indicates that the member is financial for the current year. Members are required to wear their name badges at classes, which apart from helping to identify fellow class members, also indicates to the tutor that you are financial and will not have to pay the casual class full fee

Member Social Functions

Three times throughout the year, member luncheons are organised. The first one is held very early in the U3A year. In addition, coffee mornings are held during the year. Both these regular functions are well attended and provide an opportunity for members to meet together in a social atmosphere. Refer to the newsletter for details. Emails and noticeboard for more information.


A member is normally entitled to attend any class without conditions of regular attendance, examinations or educational qualifications. However, for some special classes, certain conditions do apply and these conditions are indicated in the prospectus in the class specifications.  Classes.


The prospectus is produced in February and provides members with up-to-date information on L.V. U3A's activities together with details of course times and dates. The Newsletter will advise additional courses available throughout the year. The Prospectus is updated mid-year.


At the moment we have some computers available for class use. We also have a computer which is available at no charge to members.There is a charge for printing. These computers are there for use by members, Microsoft Office is available and members can access the Internet. Members are asked to save their work on a USB.
Please check the guidelines displayed near the computer.

Casual Attendances

An opportunity exists for prospective members to attend one class at no cost. Subsequent attendances will cost $5 per class.