Understanding Western Music

Kaye Burke 0408 444 714

This year I intend to present the DVDs of Professor Robert Greenberg on "How to listen to and understand Great Music." 2 per weekly session { 2 per month } which cover topics such as "Music as a mirror" Sources: The ancient world and the church, Baroque, National styles and various Classical form styles such as The Rondo form and Sonata form. Each DVD lasts about 90 minutes which should give us time for discussion, etc.

P.S: Some people have already heard these. There are another 24 to follow. All in all, 48 lectures ending in the early 20th century.

Venue: Airlie Bank Homestead Room 3

Day: 2nd and 4th Thursday 10 am to midday

Start: 10th February 2022

Maximum participants: 12